Telegram accused of been used by far-right politicians to delete extremist contents

Social media platforms have been accused of using their platforms to control speech. Telegram is in the spotlight for deleting extremist channels.

Telegram deletes channels suspected to support violence

The Dubai-based tech giant has seen an influx of fresh users which includes some ex-president Trump supporters who have been rejected by other social apps. There have been at least 16 extremist Telegram channels where the administrators suspect that Trump supporters have been banned. These channels have had their contents deleted or flagged for violating Telegram policies.

In recent weeks, some Trump supporters have migrated to. The Telegram app to incite violence against the new regime of President Joe Biden. A look at one of the channels, saw it labeled “eco-facist” which has been operating since last July. It is always promoting white supremacy agencies and inciting violence against Joe Biden.

Leading to the violence at the January 6 event at the Capitol there are various content and flies about bomb-making and communications usage.

Pro Nazis Telegram channels have increased over six months

According to Megan squire an associate professor of computer technology southern poverty institute, which researches terrorist activities. He said Telegram’s approach to regulating extremist groups is unclear, but it is certain that it has increased over 6 months.

“Most of these Telegram channels banned has been created for years, however, it seems the rate of suspension by Telegram increased in 6 months.”

“I have witnessed the vile attack on these channels, however, there has been a surge in the suspension of these accounts.”

Despite the deletions of many accounts by Telegram, some have remained undeterred and keep posting white supremacists and pro Nazis content. These moderators have many followers and have alternative sources of communication in case of suspension.

For years, right-wing extremists have operated without hindrance, however, because of their recent hostile behaviors Twitter and Facebook have banned their action.

Prince Harry gets an apology from Mail Publishers over fake reporting

The Duke of Sussex has gotten an apology from the news agency for false statements. Legal counsel to the prince told reporters that the damages have been paid, but the pain lingers.

Prince Harry gets apology for false statement

The Duke of Sussex has received an apology from the Sunday Mail. It was for a false statement made by the news outlet that did not contact the Royal Marines. Separate articles from the media platform have made an allegation that the prince hasn’t seen the marines after relieving his monarchy duties and status.

According to the legal counsel to the prince, he called the allegation “baseless, denigrating and demeaning’ ’. It is reported that he will donate the total money to the Invictus Games Foundation. Prince Harry charged the newspaper to court for false reporting over similar articles published by them last September.

The associated media platform claimed Prince Harry has not been in touch in any form, phone, letter, or email since he last appeared as an honorary royal marine in April. His counsel told the judges that the prince had made several efforts to help the Royal when he had been coerced to relieve his royal duties.

The apology was late, after the damage has been done—Lawyer

In a setting at the virtual court on Monday, his lawyer Jenny Afia said the media platform has admitted wrong But, she said the acceptance came very late after the damage has been done to her client’s reputation.

“The Duke will always give honor to men and women who have laid down their lives for the country and those who unfortunately have paid the huge sacrifice” stated Miss Afia.

‘For these reasons, this defamatory and denigrating news published in the Sunday mail is a personal attack on the person of Prince Harry. “

In late December the newspaper had issued an apology and donated to charity as specified by Harry. However, the lawyer l lambasted the apology, stating the newspaper used lexicons which reduced the seriousness of the matter.

US government threatens severe sanctions over Myanmar coup

The US government has threatened the military regime in Burma with economic sanctions. This is because of Monday cue against democratic leaders in the country.

Economic sanctions may be reintroduced in Myanmar—White House

The continued detention of Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi has infuriated the US president, Joe Biden.

He has promised to reintroduce sanctions against the Burmese new military regime if democracy is not restored. Myanmar has just had sanctions eased after several years of military rule. Monday’s coup against a democratically elected official has been heavily criticized worldwide.

The army insisted that the change is necessary because the Miss Suu Kyi party has engaged in various forms of election fraud. The UN, UK, and US have urged restraints as fears of protest and violent demonstration is feared.

The Burmese military has refused to accept last year’s results due to a claim of malpractices. In a swift move on Monday, the army has replaced about 12 government officials which include health, sports, and information. A statement by the White House said

“Coercion and brute force should never be used to rule against the will of the citizens. Because of the recent actions by the Burmese army, we would be reviewing our sanctions “It concluded.

Burmese Military not scared of US sanctions, wary of China, Japan response

Myanmar chief Democratic voice of Burma insisted the Military are not scared of the US sanctions but concerned about what countries like Japan, China, and South Korea think. Countries that border Myanmar like Thailand and the Philippines have said it is a “family affair.”

The UN general secretary Mr. Guterres gas insisted that this coup is a “huge blow”’ on efforts to ingrain the tenets of democracy in the region and said that the UN will sign commence an urgent meeting on the matter. While the whereabouts of the leader remains unclear, military sources have told the media that she is safe.

China ships the first installment of the COVID-19 vaccine to Pakistan

The Pakistani government has taken the first vaccine donation by China. While exploring other options, it has thanked the Chinese government for these donations

China donates Sinopharm to Pakistan

Pakistan has revealed it has received about 600, 000 doses of vaccines from China. The shipment was delivered using an army plane, which touched down to Islamabad Monday noon. Pakistani health minister, Dr. Faisal Sultan said:

“Praise to God, We have just received the first batch of the Sinopharm vaccine. We are grateful to the Chinese government for this gesture “He concluded.

Photos showing a crane lifting the vaccine boxes from the military transport are available online Sinopharm is a Chinese—owned pharmaceutical firm that has created one of China’s vaccines to have been distributed globally.

The other vaccine is Sinovac which is very efficient against the mainstream virus; its potency against the South Africa and Brazil strains has not been determined. There is an ongoing trial for a third China-made vaccine, named CanSino Vaccine which is done in medical facilities in Pakistan.

Pakistani Government gives green-light to three other vaccines

Pakistan has approved the administration of three vaccines: Sinopharm, Russian Sputnik 5, and AstraZeneca on January 2. In a chat with state reporters, Minister Mehmood said the Chinese government is also looking at starting production and distribution of the CanSino vaccine if the recent trials are fruitful.

Asides from the doses from China, Pakistan also had an agreement with UK-Swedish AstraZeneca to get 18 million doses before April. This was made possible by a global initiative with the support of the World Health Organization and the Gavi vaccine alliance. Out of the 18 million doses agreed, 7 million is expected to be delivered by March.

The Pakistani government has been working with several countries for the supply of vaccines, as it aims to get over 30 million vaccine doses available to its citizens before the year ends.

US economy recovering quicker than expected—Budget office

With the rising case of debts and the country sliding into inflation, all seems doom. However, the budget office has insisted the American economy will bounce back.

The US economy will recover soon

The US economy should get back to the pre-pandemic era before December 2021 even if more financial aid is not approved by the Biden administration. However, though, it will be a Herculean task for Americans out of jobs to go back to their old jobs.

This assertion was made by the Budget office in his monthly forecast on Monday evening. According to fresh projections from the budget office, results show that frequent budgetary and economic forecasts are better than last year.

These financial experts say that positivism is because some industries are managing the pandemic better and devising innovative ways to work around the pandemic. Other factors include a monumental $900 billion economic aid tendered by Ex-president Donald Trump and passed by Congress last December.

Jobless rates in the US expected to reduce

This economic aid includes $550 billion direct stimulus checks to people and enticing joblessness benefits. With this new forecast, the budget office expects the jobless rate to decrease to 5.3 percent before the end of the year from 8.5% last June.

The US economy should grow 3.8%. The year, because of small contractions in 2020. This economic analysis will bring to the fore if the Joe Biden administration must pass a new 1.7 trillion dollars in economic rescue aid. This could support the Republican’s suggestion that this 1.7 trillion aid is hasty and should be pushed back till it is necessary.

The US economy will likely remain at economic risk till at least 2025, and the number of employed Americans will not return to the status quo for a while. However, the Federal Reserve chairman, Jerome H, Powell has insisted it will take a while for a full recovery as millions of Americans are still jobless and facing severe financial situations.