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Kenneth McHugh is a professional copywriter/writer in San Diego, California, USA. For years now, he has been writing articles and texts for highly regarded companies includingPhonelookup-24, TechCrunch, The Next Web (TNW), and Tech2. His inspiration for his current works comes from his fascination with technologies. When he was young, he was exposed to countless tech-related conventions and conferences and participated well in science fares in his school. In classes, he was adept at the timeline of historic inventions and even generated complex scientific ideas for his high school and university researchpapers.

Concurrent with his interest with technologies, he was also inclined in writing. Being a member of their school newspapers’ organization, his writing skills flourished and was acknowledged by his fellow members and mentor. He was then promoted to the position of editor-in-chief. As he entered college, his main focus was to develop his writing proficiency further, but his obsession with technologies was still there. With the rise of modern computers and phones, it was apparent that Kenneth became more absorbed in this area. Given his skills and interest, he figured out he could combine both and then started to write for various tech companies.

Below are the highly reputable companies where Mr. McHugh has worked for:

Mr. McHughhas been writing articles for, which was originally a separate site but has now been merged with The Firstpostcompany is an Indian news and media website that has been running for years now. They are currently handling a number of news segments including politics, sports, local and world news, business, entertainment, and tech. When you go over to the tech section, the website will directly lead you to the Tech2 page. You will find all the latest news, expert reviews, and helpful tips about the newest technology on the market.

The Next Web (TNW) is one of the technology news sites that Mr. McHugh works for. The company was founded in 2006 by Boris and Patrick. TNW was primarily made as a medium for the company’s tech conference promotion, and now it has grown to operate other pillars—TNW Deals, TNW News, TNW Conference and Events, and TQ. The company is now a hub that gathers people around the globe who have a special interest in technology through events and caters to their need for up-to-date news andoutstanding stories and insights.

Mr. McHugh has also been contributing articles to TechCrunch, which is an online publisher of latest technology industry news. On their website, you will find bountiful of information such as extensive analysis of thelatest trend developments in tech and the profiling of new businesses and products in this area. The company was founded by Mr. Archimedes Ventures in 2005, and his partners for establishing TechCrunch were Keith Teare and Michael Arrington. To cater more interested readers in their website, they now have four different languages available—English, French, Chinese, and Japanese. They also host three different highly recognized tech events, the TechCrunch Disrupt, Crunchbase, and Crunchies.

Finally, you can find the latest works of Mr. McHugh at Phonelookup-24. The company is a people search website that allows users to look for phone numbers or do a reverse phone lookup. Other than phone numbers, Phonelookup-24 can provide you with in-depth data like criminal records, email address, and arrests and warrants.To view more of Mr. McHugh work, just visit

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