China ships the first installment of the COVID-19 vaccine to Pakistan

The Pakistani government has taken the first vaccine donation by China. While exploring other options, it has thanked the Chinese government for these donations

China donates Sinopharm to Pakistan

Pakistan has revealed it has received about 600, 000 doses of vaccines from China. The shipment was delivered using an army plane, which touched down to Islamabad Monday noon. Pakistani health minister, Dr. Faisal Sultan said:

“Praise to God, We have just received the first batch of the Sinopharm vaccine. We are grateful to the Chinese government for this gesture “He concluded.

Photos showing a crane lifting the vaccine boxes from the military transport are available online Sinopharm is a Chinese—owned pharmaceutical firm that has created one of China’s vaccines to have been distributed globally.

The other vaccine is Sinovac which is very efficient against the mainstream virus; its potency against the South Africa and Brazil strains has not been determined. There is an ongoing trial for a third China-made vaccine, named CanSino Vaccine which is done in medical facilities in Pakistan.

Pakistani Government gives green-light to three other vaccines

Pakistan has approved the administration of three vaccines: Sinopharm, Russian Sputnik 5, and AstraZeneca on January 2. In a chat with state reporters, Minister Mehmood said the Chinese government is also looking at starting production and distribution of the CanSino vaccine if the recent trials are fruitful.

Asides from the doses from China, Pakistan also had an agreement with UK-Swedish AstraZeneca to get 18 million doses before April. This was made possible by a global initiative with the support of the World Health Organization and the Gavi vaccine alliance. Out of the 18 million doses agreed, 7 million is expected to be delivered by March.

The Pakistani government has been working with several countries for the supply of vaccines, as it aims to get over 30 million vaccine doses available to its citizens before the year ends.