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US government threatens severe sanctions over Myanmar coup

The US government has threatened the military regime in Burma with economic sanctions. This is because of Monday cue against democratic leaders in the country.

Economic sanctions may be reintroduced in Myanmar—White House

The continued detention of Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi has infuriated the US president, Joe Biden.

He has promised to reintroduce sanctions against the Burmese new military regime if democracy is not restored. Myanmar has just had sanctions eased after several years of military rule. Monday’s coup against a democratically elected official has been heavily criticized worldwide.

The army insisted that the change is necessary because the Miss Suu Kyi party has engaged in various forms of election fraud. The UN, UK, and US have urged restraints as fears of protest and violent demonstration is feared.

The Burmese military has refused to accept last year’s results due to a claim of malpractices. In a swift move on Monday, the army has replaced about 12 government officials which include health, sports, and information. A statement by the White House said

“Coercion and brute force should never be used to rule against the will of the citizens. Because of the recent actions by the Burmese army, we would be reviewing our sanctions “It concluded.

Burmese Military not scared of US sanctions, wary of China, Japan response

Myanmar chief Democratic voice of Burma insisted the Military are not scared of the US sanctions but concerned about what countries like Japan, China, and South Korea think. Countries that border Myanmar like Thailand and the Philippines have said it is a “family affair.”

The UN general secretary Mr. Guterres gas insisted that this coup is a “huge blow”’ on efforts to ingrain the tenets of democracy in the region and said that the UN will sign commence an urgent meeting on the matter. While the whereabouts of the leader remains unclear, military sources have told the media that she is safe.