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Prince Harry gets an apology from Mail Publishers over fake reporting

The Duke of Sussex has gotten an apology from the news agency for false statements. Legal counsel to the prince told reporters that the damages have been paid, but the pain lingers.

Prince Harry gets apology for false statement

The Duke of Sussex has received an apology from the Sunday Mail. It was for a false statement made by the news outlet that did not contact the Royal Marines. Separate articles from the media platform have made an allegation that the prince hasn’t seen the marines after relieving his monarchy duties and status.

According to the legal counsel to the prince, he called the allegation “baseless, denigrating and demeaning’ ’. It is reported that he will donate the total money to the Invictus Games Foundation. Prince Harry charged the newspaper to court for false reporting over similar articles published by them last September.

The associated media platform claimed Prince Harry has not been in touch in any form, phone, letter, or email since he last appeared as an honorary royal marine in April. His counsel told the judges that the prince had made several efforts to help the Royal when he had been coerced to relieve his royal duties.

The apology was late, after the damage has been done—Lawyer

In a setting at the virtual court on Monday, his lawyer Jenny Afia said the media platform has admitted wrong But, she said the acceptance came very late after the damage has been done to her client’s reputation.

“The Duke will always give honor to men and women who have laid down their lives for the country and those who unfortunately have paid the huge sacrifice” stated Miss Afia.

‘For these reasons, this defamatory and denigrating news published in the Sunday mail is a personal attack on the person of Prince Harry. “

In late December the newspaper had issued an apology and donated to charity as specified by Harry. However, the lawyer l lambasted the apology, stating the newspaper used lexicons which reduced the seriousness of the matter.