Telegram accused of been used by far-right politicians to delete extremist contents

Social media platforms have been accused of using their platforms to control speech. Telegram is in the spotlight for deleting extremist channels.

Telegram deletes channels suspected to support violence

The Dubai-based tech giant has seen an influx of fresh users which includes some ex-president Trump supporters who have been rejected by other social apps. There have been at least 16 extremist Telegram channels where the administrators suspect that Trump supporters have been banned. These channels have had their contents deleted or flagged for violating Telegram policies.

In recent weeks, some Trump supporters have migrated to. The Telegram app to incite violence against the new regime of President Joe Biden. A look at one of the channels, saw it labeled “eco-facist” which has been operating since last July. It is always promoting white supremacy agencies and inciting violence against Joe Biden.

Leading to the violence at the January 6 event at the Capitol there are various content and flies about bomb-making and communications usage.

Pro Nazis Telegram channels have increased over six months

According to Megan squire an associate professor of computer technology southern poverty institute, which researches terrorist activities. He said Telegram’s approach to regulating extremist groups is unclear, but it is certain that it has increased over 6 months.

“Most of these Telegram channels banned has been created for years, however, it seems the rate of suspension by Telegram increased in 6 months.”

“I have witnessed the vile attack on these channels, however, there has been a surge in the suspension of these accounts.”

Despite the deletions of many accounts by Telegram, some have remained undeterred and keep posting white supremacists and pro Nazis content. These moderators have many followers and have alternative sources of communication in case of suspension.

For years, right-wing extremists have operated without hindrance, however, because of their recent hostile behaviors Twitter and Facebook have banned their action.